Commands Description Usage
whois Gives Information on a user whois -- whois @user
addemoji adds any emote to the server addemoji (emoji)
avatar Shows yours or someones avatar avatar -- avatar @user, id, name
botinfo Gives information on the bot botinfo
channelinfo Gives information on a channel channelinfo (channel)
enlarge enlarges an emoji to a photo size enlarge (emoji)
roleinfo Gives information on a role roleinfo (role)
say Gets the bot to say anything you want say (text)
serverinfo Gives information on the server serverinfo
snipe Snipes a deleted message snipe
uptime Shows the uptime of the bot since last downtime uptime
weather Gives the weather to any city/town weather (user/town)
Userinfo ives information on a user userinfo (@user, ID)
Fun Commands Description Usage
cmm Shows a change-my-mind template with your text cmm (text)
clyde Shows a clyde bot template with your text clyde (text)
dadjoke Shows a random dadjoke dadjoke
flip Flips a coin and could land on heads of tails flip
happy Shows how happy on a percentage 0-100% happy -- happy @user
iq Shows how happy on a percentage 0-100% iq -- @user
joke Gives you a random joke joke
meme shows a random meme out of reddit meme
pp Shows the size of your pp serverinfo
random-number shows a random number snipe
rip Shows a gravestone with the mentioned users pfp on it rip @user
rps Play a classic ol' rock paper sciccors game with the bot rps (option)
wyr Gives you a random would you rather question wyr